How we're responding to Coronavirus pandemic

(Note, this is our standard practice, but extra important now).

Square Feet Specialty Coffee LLC has been carefully inspected by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services under Virginia Food Laws, Title 3.2, Chapter 51, Article 1 through Article 4 of the Code of Virginia. This allows sale of our beans to wholesale, resale, internet-based, across state lines, farmers’ markets, restaurants and grocery stores.

Sanitation is a primary focus of the inspection process.

  • The coffee lab is in a separately vented and filtered room.
  • Coffee roasts at over 400F.
  • Coffee beans are bagged directly from the roasting machine to minimize the time the beans are exposed to the air.
  • We always wear gloves (over washed hands!) when handling bags, labels and shipping boxes, avoiding cross-contamination. 
  • The beans do not touch anything that requires washing. 
  • Lastly, to best brew coffee, your machine should be using 185-195F water, which adds another level of safety to the final beverage.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us!