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Square Feet Specialty Coffee

If you are looking for professionally roasted, ORGANIC and FAIR TRADE coffees, you've come to the right place!

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I am really enjoying your coffees.  I tried the Honduras first and then the Ethiopian this morning.  Both are very smooth, deliciously aromatic and tasteful.  I like both very much, but prefer the boldness and earthiness of the Honduran beans.  Will definitely reach out for more soon.  Thanks.


I just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the city roast that you did on the samples you gave me. I have used them in my French press as well as in a drip coffee maker that I have. You did a really nice job!


If anyone is interested in fair-trade and organic coffee, I have a guy for you!

A couple of weeks ago a lady posted in my diet’s Facebook group that her husband roasts coffee beans as a hobby. I messaged him about acidity (my body is super particular with coffee), and he messaged back almost immediately. He called me and we talked about how I would want my coffee beans roasted, the flavors I like, etc. and a couple of days later I had coffee in my possession.

Y’all. It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life- even [deleted] (who is not a coffee drinker) said it was amazing.


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