Brewing Coffee with an electric coffee maker

Brewing Coffee with an electric coffee maker

To make a great pot of coffee using an electric coffee machine in the mornings, I use these recipes on a Technivorm Moccamaster KBT with a Fellow Ode gen2 grinder with SSP burrs.


500ml, or at the 4-Cup Mark

  • 1:15 Ratio
  • 33g beans, finely ground (coarser than espresso) with a high-quality burr grinder*.
  • Rinse a bleached filter with warm water and insert into the brew basket.
  • Add the ground beans as evenly as possible and leave the coffee off.
  • Start the machine.
  • Once the first few bursts of water emerge, stir the slurry with a long-handled spoon to evenly distribute the water.
  • Let the machine take it from here.

1000ml, or at the 8-Cup Mark

  • 1:162/3 Ratio
  • 60g beans, ground 2 clicks coarser than 500ml


*Even a great grinder will leave “fines” due to the grind being coarser than espresso.  These make coffee more bitter and clog the filter.  If you want to remove these, try a 200μm sieve like the Fellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve.

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