Dialing in Espresso

 High Elevation Espresso Blend

As this is a medium roasted coffee, a longer ratio and higher temperature are suggested.


Espresso is at peak when the beans are between 10 and 30 days of roasting.  The first 10 days are helpful to let them degas after roasting.


On my Breville Dual Boiler™, I use:

  • 58mm 22g basket

  • Water Temp: 201F

  • Dose: 20g, “17” a Turin DF64 with stainless burrs

  • Shot time: 28s, including a 7s, 60%, pre infusion.

  • Desired Ratio 1:3, resulting in 60g of finished espresso.


If your shot is:

  • Sour: consider a higher ratio, slowing the shot with a finer ground, or increasing the temperature to offset the acid
  • Bitter: consider a coarser grind, lowering temperature, and make sure the shot is pulled in 22-30s.
  • No Crema: Make sure it is 10 days past roasting date.

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